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Mar 31, 2020


I released some extras this week. You can find them here: 

Binge file The Taste Of A Smile Episode 01- 15

Binge file The Taste Of A Smile Episode 16- 30

The Taste Of A Smile as a free, online read (Chapters 01-37)

Extra early script excerpt of part 38 'That girl'

I also wrote about my experience with COVID-19 on the community (Account needed)

If you’d like some (virtual) company or someone to talk to in these crazy times, our community is a great place to make some new friends!

1. You can follow the updates of others and/ or post your own updates on the community timeline. It works pretty much like Facebook, except there are no ads and no creepy algorithm distorting reality. You can register for free here.

2. You can also join our chatroom on Keybase. Fellow romantics around the world have joined our room there and it’s a great place for in the moment conversations. Joining Keybase is free and you can find our chat channels when you look for team ‘frtlr’ and request to join.

I will be active on both platforms! I look forward to chatting with you. 🙂

Stay safe, stay healthy.



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